Start 3D GIS Web Development in JavaScript
3D GIS Map

Course Description

This is an entry-level GIS course teaching how to create GIS 3D web application in JavaScript. All code are put to the lecture resources files in pdf format. It is very easy to create your own apps by following the video lectures and using the code from the lecture resource files.

I hope that students would spend their least time to achieve their goals. The SDK was still in its beta version while this course was created.



  • Create a 2D webMap;
  • Generate a 3D webMap without coding;
  • Build a web app loaded with 3D webMap;
  • Build a 3D basemap web app;
  • Select and switch basemaps;
  • Zoom to a map point;
  • Set a camera view position;
  • Add a search widget to search a location;
  • Add a basemap toggle widget to toggle a basemap;

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